Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The public academic

I was part of an interesting discussion with some PhD students and others at the School of Life Sciences here  yesterday. It reminded me to do this - since I've discovered how easy it is to put documents online through my dropbox public folder I thought I'd do that a lot more through this blog. 

So, first up, are the PDFs from an excellent webinar I did last week organised through Interface Online. The PDFs of the presentations are available here and here.

I was rather inspired by Kean Birch's Writing in Progress section on his blog and pondered about uploading my unaccepted papers and possible even the failed grants applications. But this takes a wee bit of bravery I'm not sure I have...And when I work out how to/have time to do so, I'll put all these under a separate page of my blogger blog.

And in the meantime, I'm quite good at uploading pre-publication versions of my published papers to my university repository and this is now live. Green open-access a-go-go.

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