Academic Stuff

You can find most of the stuff you need to know about my academic work at my staff profile on the University of Stirling website here.

Open Access Papers

For various reasons, some of my papers are available as Gold Open Access (i.e. free to everyone)

Matthews P (2015) Neighbourhood Belonging, Social Class and Social Media—Providing Ladders to the Cloud, Housing Studies, 30(1), pp. 22-39.

Hastings, A. and P. Matthews (2015). "Bourdieu and the Big Society: empowering the powerful in public service provision?" Policy & Politics 43(4): 545-560.

Matthews, P. and K. Besemer (2015). "Social networks, social capital and poverty: panacea or placebo?" Journal of Poverty and Social Justice 23(3): 189-201. (I'm putting this here for now, as I'm told it will become Gold OA)

Matthews P Social media, community development and social capital (Forthcoming/Available Online), Community Development Journal

The Rest

Most of these are available as "green" Open Access through my staff profile, I've included links below.

Matthews P & Besemer K (2015) The “Pink Pound” in the “Gaybourhood”? Neighbourhood Deprivation and Sexual Orientation in Scotland, Housing, Theory and Society, 32(1), pp. 84-111.

Matthews P, Bramley G & Hastings A (2015) Homo Economicus in a Big Society: Understanding Middle-class Activism and NIMBYism towards New Housing Developments, Housing, Theory and Society, 32(1), pp. 54-72.

Matthews P (2014) Being Strategic in Partnership - Interpreting Local Knowledge of Modern Local Government, Local Government Studies, 40(3), pp. 451-472.

Matthews P (2013) The longue durée of community engagement: New applications of critical theory in planning research, Planning Theory, 12(2), pp. 139-157.

Matthews P & Hastings A (2013) Middle-Class Political Activism and Middle-Class Advantage in Relation to Public Services: A Realist Synthesis of the Evidence Base, Social Policy and Administration, 47(1), pp. 72-92.

Matthews P (2013) The return of place in Scottish social policy, Local Economy, 28(1), pp. 9-16.

Matthews P (2012) From area-based initiatives to strategic partnerships: Have we lost the meaning of regeneration?, Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, 30(1), pp. 147-161.

Matthews P (2012) Problem definition and re-evaluating a policy: The real successes of a regeneration scheme, Critical Policy Studies, 6(3), pp. 243-260.

Matthews P (2010) Mind the gap? The persistence of pathological discourses in Urban regeneration policy, Housing, Theory and Society, 27 (3), pp. 221-240.


I've also done a few reports too. The main one is in the "Evaluating Co-production" page, but here are some others.

Matthews P & Besemer K (2014) Poverty and social networks evidence review. Joseph Rowntree Foundation. University of Stirling.

Hastings A & Matthews P (2011) "Sharp Elbows": Do the Middle-Classes have Advantages in Public Service Provision and if so how?. University of Glasgow.

Hastings A & Matthews P (2011) Connectivity and Conflict in Periods of Austerity: What do we Know about Middle Class Political Activism and its Effects on Public Services?. Arts and Humanities Research Council. Connected Communities.