Thursday, 2 May 2013

Ambition plans - my own private twitter storm


  1. Surprised few if any picked up two points:

    (a) YHG are dealing with the symptoms (scarce housing) and not the problem (building developing more) and thus accepting the Tory spin and myth over spare rooms / lazy consensus / 'affordable' housing solutions / and nobody would ever choose to stay in social housing and all seek private ownership etc.

    (b) This is a huge positional PR issue for YHG. We will not merely house ne'er do wells and state subsidy scroungers. We are a progressive landlord and a modern one and our houses will not be the housing of last choice, blah, blah, blah....therefore promoting their shared ownership and other similar products.

  2. Much needed sanity from SHELTER Scotland on 'probationary' tenancies - equally well applies to all sorts of permutations, like 'life style' and 'ambition', conditionalities enforced on tenancies.