Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Being a planner

If you're a practicing planner, or a planning academic, reading this blog you've probably realised I have quite a broad definition of what "planning" is or might be. For me it's an amalgam of US-style policy-planning and European spatial planning. So I feel that I am a planner and wanted to be able to call myself a planner. I have an RTPI accredited degree so I applied to become a chartered member through the Assessment of Professional Competence.

I got the results back last Friday and was unsuccessful on all criteria and all three parts of the APC. I'm very angry about this and, based on a lot of feedback I'm appealing. I'll do a longer blog post once that process has been gone through (possibly like Kean Birch has done with his rejected papers here) so other academics who have similarly had the temerity to think they're good enough to be called "planners" have an idea of what they might do (given the RTPI gave me no help or advice whatsoever despite me asking). In the mean time, I want to thank Kelvin MacDonald, Alister Scott, Caroline Brown, Rob Daley, Alasdair Rae, Alex Nurse, Andreas SchulzeBäing, Angela Hull and John McCarthy for all their help and kind words and practical support. Apologies in advance if I've missed anyone out.

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