Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Typing this one-handed...

And that's not a euphemism!

I came off my bike spectacularly this morning. I clipped a school kid's rucksack with my handlebars when he stepped into the cyclepath I was on and I went flying, removing substantial amounts of skin from my left hand and right knee. Luckily the kid was a right good Samaritan. Also, he luckily had a skin complaint so he had a hefty supply of plasters to bandage me up so I could make it to campus.

It reminded me of this post about da yoof of today I commented on recently. The kid who helped me was about 11-12 and I think if I'd done what he'd done at that age (and been confronted by someone as angry as I was!) I would've denied all knowledge, but he was genuinely really helpful. So, most of da yoof are very friendly and nice indeed. I've contacted the Head at the school I think he attends to say thank you and offered a tour of our exciting facilities up here (wave tank, anechoic chamber - basically all the bits I don't get to play with!). Made email of thanks made the headteacher's day!

If you ask very nicely I'll post a photo of my heavily bandaged hand after the very nice nurse at the GP practice on campus had tended to me.

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